5 ways to make your fashion youtube thumbnail design unique.

Become the perfect fashion youtube thumbnail creator by knowing the 5 best ways using which you can design your fashion thumbnail templates.

 5 ways to make your fashion youtube thumbnail design unique.

Which applications do you use every day? Whatsapp, Instagram, Youtube, LinkedIn, right? But there is this one-size-fit all application which is used and loved by all, can you guess it? Yes, Youtube. An application that is not only used for entertainment but also to learn and earn. Becoming a Youtube creator has become a career choice. From learning an instrument to learning new fashion trends, youtube is the best platform. One of the most popular channels on youtube is fashion channels. 

But not all fashion youtube channels have a good number of subscribers, nor do they have good views. 

Though what makes the best youtube channel is a debate topic, but let's try analysing what makes the perfect and most loved youtube channel? The creator/ the content/ the effects/ the music/ the thumbnail? Well, the right answer is a combination of all of these. A fashion youtube channel that has the best content, top-notch title, good editing and perfect fashion youtube thumbnail is the most viewed channel. Only a video with good content won’t be enough to attract your audience. As the first impression is the last impression, for your youtube videos, the thumbnail works as the first impression. So it's crucial to have the perfect youtube thumbnail design for the thumbnail to make the viewers click and watch your video.

This is why using the best youtube thumbnail online free is vital. DooGraphics is one such platform that has a collection of fashion youtube thumbnail templates. DooGraphics has a pre-designed youtube thumbnail online free templates collection which can be used as they are or can be personalized using the drag and drop method. Using this youtube thumbnail generator you are sure to end up finding the best fashion youtube thumbnail templates along with a bunch of ideas to create your own fashion youtube thumbnail templates. This one-stop destination will surely not disappoint you as all the template designs can be downloaded and personalized for free. All the thumbnail templates have a trendy youtube thumbnail design which makes the viewers watch your video. A fashion youtube thumbnail is the best way to increase your view count.


Well, using an online youtube thumbnail maker to design the best fashion youtube thumbnail may sound like an easy task, but that’s not really the case. Becoming the best fashion youtube thumbnail creator is a tough nut to crack, one has to consider the trendy youtube thumbnail designs, new colours, fonts, elements, technology, effects and a lot to design the best fashion thumbnail templates. So if you want to know the dos and don’ts while using a free youtube thumbnail maker with online templates here are 5 tips you need to keep in mind while you start designing or customizing your fashion youtube thumbnail.

  1. Big size title: One of the best ways to create a fashion youtube thumbnail is by adding a text title big enough to read and attract your target audience. Using readable fonts is the best choice here. Also, make sure the title has to be concise, a big title will never attract an audience as it becomes hard to read and the design may look shabby. So make sure to make the fashion youtube thumbnail best using a big sized font for the title.
  2. Use image: Yes, images speak louder than words. Using a fashion image in your youtube thumbnail design is always a safe play. Try using photos from non-copyright websites or use some pictures from the video and make your fashion youtube thumbnail the best. Use HD quality images for the thumbnail, as using low-quality images won't be impressive.
  3. Mention why your channel is different from others: Adding things like ‘top fashion brands’/ ‘5 best fashion tips’ i.e keynotes, in your thumbnail will make it easy for the user to watch your videos. Make sure this should not be the main focus of your design, but it has to be mentioned either at the corners or with a noticeable font to make your fashion youtube thumbnail design stand out.
  4. Make an adaptive and responsive thumbnail design: The technology has reached great heights which is why while using a professional online youtube thumbnail maker the designer has to create a one size fit all design. The thumbnail design should look attractive on all the devices. So make sure to use the adaptive and responsive features of designing when you design a fashion thumbnail for your youtube channel.
  5. Logo: Don’t forget to add your logo to the design. Adding your logo to the fashion youtube thumbnail can set a standard and make it easy for the viewer to remember the name or logo of the channel. Also, keep the size of the logo 24 by 24 as per UX UI standards. Don’t insert the logo in the centre; it has to be at the corner most precisely right bottom corner.
  6. Make a pattern of designs(Complementary tip): As youtube has an option for the playlist, to make your channel the best you can design a certain pattern of thumbnail youtube designs for a playlist. But this series of designs should include the same pattern, don't try repeating the colours as it won't be attractive but use the same font and location for the logo, keywords to make the designs look alike.


So these were a few points one should consider while using a youtube thumbnail generator to create the best fashion youtube thumbnail. Using these tips you are sure to boost your viewers count. So what’s holding you back, you have DooGraphics the best and free platform to create designs, now you also know the best tips to make your fashion youtube thumbnail design the best and there are also free editable fashion youtube thumbnail templates on DooGraphics only for you. So go try it out!