'Canva alternative Doographics' Indian's designing platform.

Use the best ‘Made in India’ designing platform, a Canva alternative Doographics. Create eye-catchy designs on this platform for free.

 'Canva alternative Doographics' Indian's designing platform.

What comes to your mind when you plan to create designs online? Which is that one name stuck in your head for doing designs on the internet? Which is your go to graphic designing website? ‘Canva’ right? Canva got about 5 million users worldwide after only 2 years of launch. While it has 150,000 users from India who have already created 1 million designs on this platform. Being an Australia based online graphics designing company it has not fallen short in serving the best designs to the world. But are you the one hunting to find India made websites like canva? Do you believe in becoming ‘Atma Nirbhar’? Do you want to use ‘Made in India’ products and promote them?

 Well, then you are on the right page. Among a variety of Indian graphics designing software, one such company is ‘Doographics’. This canva alternative Doographics is a ‘made by Indians’, ‘for the Indians’ platform to showcase your designing talent.This alternative for  canva is not just an Indian made online designing platform but a one stop destination for all the creators willing to convert their dream design to reality.


You may be thinking when there are so many alternatives why to use this ‘Canva alternatives Doographics’? The answer to your obvious question is, the ease with which any non-creator can create their dream design. Even a normal human wanting to get a custom-made design for their house warming invitation card/birthday party card, but is settling for some usual design only because it requires extra money for personalization, this is when Doographics comes into picture. This is a platform for all the artists who are searching for an alternative for canva, because it's templates have become common as a lot of people use it. Better use a graphics designing company website like Doographics, where you can use different yet eye-catchy free designing templates. Though this is one of the sites similar to canva, yet our team doesn't fall short to make the designs get an Indian vibe.

Here you can find eye-catchy templates for:

  1. Youtube thumbnail designs
  2. Portrait maker
  3. Whats app DP maker
  4. Banners
  5. Card maker ,etc

In a nutshell, from baby shower invitation cards to creating your own music youtube thumbnail you can use one of the canva.com alternatives, i.e Doographics in every sector of designing. What makes everyone choose this canva alternative Doographics over the other, are not just the beautiful templates, but also the easy creating and customizing options. One can use the templates as they are or even customize them. From adding an image from your feed to changing the background, text, font, colour, etc everything from these templates can be changed. Adding up images and elements is only a simple drag and drop process. Well, that’s not all, on this canva alternative Doographics you can create, customize and download the designs for free. This Indian made graphics platform is not just like any other design company, along with providing classic template designs it also has pocket friendly packages which can give you a premium luxury option. Using these packages you can get a few premium features for free, cna get a few exciting templates which aren’t available for non-packagers, which can help your template be unique.

But are the same questions popping up in your mind, about when should we use Doographics? Here’s the answer, we Indians, can’t start our day without sharing a good looking ‘good morning’ picture, which has a quote to make a good start of the day. So rather than searching for repetitive images, go to this canva alternative Doographics to find an image as unique as you. On every festival be it hoil or diwali the best way to wish someone is sending them a peaceful image, which you can also find on Doographics. Also, when it comes to wishing our special person on their birthday, we always want to post something way different than others and to do so the best way is using birthday card templates. You can include images/videos and make your birthday wish ‘the best wish’. To add up, now-a-days people refuse to be working under someone and hence decide to start something of their own. Maybe someone will need a menu card for their bakery/cafe, someone will need advertisement banners to let people know about their new beginnings and what not. And for everything one most crucial job is to find an ideal template of your domain, which you can surely find on this graphics designing company website.

Over 94,000+ businesses use Doographics for creating enticing designs. With a number of attractive templates and easy customization options this indian made canva alternative is the best platform for creators willing to speak up with their designs. One advantage of this online platform is it cuts all the travelling and customizing charges. And considering the new life after 2020, where not only the IT companies are working from home but even infants are studying online, you have to opt this new way of designing. 


The graphics designing career is on its peak in today’s date. Unlike old times, now every company needs graphic designers as well as graphics designing software to engage the crowd with their products. Your artistic mind and our enticing designs will be an amazing combo, to become a versatile designer. A platform like Doographics gives you a chance to showcase your talent without spending a penny for it. 

2020, was not only about fighting the deadly virus but for India this was about becoming ‘ATMA NIRBHAR’ and supporting ‘Made in India’ and ‘Make in India’. Holding up to this thought of the PM. Narendra Modi, Doographics is wide open to all the artists to use this canva alternative and become ‘Atma Nirbhar’. Think of it, do you want to use already used designs or just copy your old / boring templates for marketing or do you wish to stand out not only with the content but also with your designs. If yes, you know where to find templates suitable for all festivals, events as well as business. Shower your mind full of ideas into this designing platform and you are sure to get your ideal design.