Craft linkedin Cover photo in easy and quick way for free.

Linkedin Cover photo, add personalized touch , make them awesome for free in quick and easy way with Doographics

Craft linkedin Cover photo in easy and quick way for free.

Let’s rock your linkedin 

According to some studies  humans only remember 20% of what they read, but they remember 80% of what they see. On that basis , human brains process visuals up to 70,000x faster than text.

Custom cover photo impacts through linkedin profile to  get more messages, linkedin jobs interviews and also more connection requests , to build your linkedin careers. In this blog , I’m going to tell you how to create a LinkedIn cover photo that gets results in under 10 minutes.

  • Firstly check out some basics – dimensions, good practices, etc.
  • LinkedIn Cover Photo Size & Dimensions
  • Whenever creating and uploading your cover photo, you must analyze LinkedIn’s guidelines and sizing so it doesn’t get rejected by linkedin app.
  • By official LinkedIn sites, here are the latest linkedin recommendation guidelines for your cover photo size and dimensions:

1,584 x 396 pixels is the perfect cover photo size.Linkedin Cover photo can be bigger or smaller but photos should always maintain a 129:8 aspect ratio ,Maximum file size of Cover photos should be 4mb .LinkedIn allows PNG, JPG, and gif file types for cover photos

Don’t forget to choose  your profile’s layout on different devices like PC , Android , I phone.

On a desktop, your cover photo will spread perfectly on the page but it will shrink down  as the screen size gets smaller on other  devices and your profile picture will also change its position.

LinkedIn Cover Photo Example on Desktop – Cultivated Culture

And here’s what my cover photo looks like when someone is viewing my profile on their smartphone: Always remember when you’re creating your cover photo – you don’t want important info to get missed just because someone is coming from using different devices.Lastly , there’s one more guideline you need to keep in mind — it the picture quality.

You realize now ? people will make guesses about you and your capabilities based on the pictures you use. When you’re choosing a cover photo you want it to be as high quality and high resolution .

LinkedIn Cover Photo Ideas & Templates

 Figuring out what type of image to use can be overwhelming.Let’s see some LinkedIn cover photo ideas and templates to help make the perfect  decision .

1. Hobbies & Extracurricular –

Generally , your cover photo indirectly inserts some personality into your profile. Something that helps to tell your story and gives more ideas about yourself, and what kinds of people you are.

Potential clients love to see that there’s a real human on the other side of the pixels on their screen! Check out a few ideas to get a good start for a linkedin career.

  • Do you volunteer outside of work? You can Share a picture of yourself in specific actions !
  • Do you speak at company/industrial  events? Show yourself pop-up on stage!
  • Are you a marathon runner? Then take a click of you with that!
  • Like hiking? Everyone loves the mountaintop victory pictures.
  • Just got back from a life changing vacation ? Share your favorite picture!
  • Think out of the box,The possibilities are limitless , just use common sense and grab something that’s professionally correct.

2. Presentation of yourself through image –

In case you don’t have a super perfectly cool picture of you. That’s totally fine! You can also convey just as much personality without being in the photo, just pick something that’s meaningful to you

Take some ideas –

If you Love your city? Rep it in your cover photo, you can also show a captured unique angle for extra personality.Love another city? One you’ve travelled to? Share your memory with that.If you have a photo that just speaks to you? You can  Put it up there.It may take some searching, and few efforts  but an image that speaks to who you are is so much better than the default that everyone else has.

Doographics have tons of good high quality, royalty free pictures that you can use for your banner image.

I personally like bright, bold pictures. This gives off serious creative vibes and surely grabs attention. 

3. Mix it and customized –

Add your cover photo to the next level, you can hire a photo editor website

like Doographics to combine your  photos to make good collage, add text, and layer on filters.

This is a great  way to show off your personal rebrand, promote something, or to add social proof.Doographics, a graphic design software company, provides 1,500+ LinkedIn cover photo templates that anyone can edit and download or share for free.

When you’re complete editing, you can export in PNG or JPG and then upload it directly to LinkedIn.If the picture you export ends up being too large , go to CompressPNG or CompressJPEG to make the file size smaller.

Boom! Now you’ve got your very own cover photo that looks like it was designed by a professional.

How To Make An Amazing linkdin Cover Photo In 5 Minutes –

  • Just go to Doographics, choose the best template that describes best you.
  • Then add text or quote if you want via best font library by Doographics , you can add clipart ,emoji , best HD quality images.
  • You can download it free or you can save and share.

In small efforts and without any graphics design skills you can make a good linkedin cover photo for your profile within very less time.That’s a simple and quick way to have the best linkedin profile .