Create brand strategy on pinterest

Whether you are a marketer, seller, or artist, Pinterest can be an excellent platform for all types of businesses to market your brand. However, it is a good strategy that can make or break your business.

Create brand strategy on pinterest

Are you getting the most out of your Pinterest marketing strategy?

There are over 367M+ users searching and sharing inspiration on Pinterest every month — that’s a huge, engaged audience with real purchasing power!

So if you’re not seeing results from your efforts, now’s the time to knuckle down and invest in your Pinterest marketing strategy.

Pinterest marketing

The Power of Pinterest Marketing for Business

With the right strategy, Pinterest can be a super-powerful tool for your business.

You can build a strong community that engages with your content, drive brand awareness, click-throughs, and ultimately product sales.

But what sets Pinterest apart from other social networks? And why should your business be investing time and effort into Pinterest marketing?

Let’s jump right in to why Pinterest marketing is such a powerful asset for your brand:

Pinterest Power #1: Pinterest is a Visual Search Engine 

Pinterest isn’t just a social network — it’s a visual search engine!

This means that your content can be discovered by almost anyone searching on Pinterest at any time — giving your content a much longer shelf-life than on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and beyond.

Most businesses still think of Pinterest as just a social channel, and they’re seeing subpar results because of it.

But by optimizing your Pinterest marketing strategy for views and saves, rather than likes and comments, you can achieve so much more for your brand.

Pinterest Power #2: The Pinterest Demographic

Pinterest’s demographic is unlike any other social platform.

According to Pinterest, the platform reaches 77% of all women 25-54 in the US. And, as the global income of women reaches trillions of dollars, women are expected to control almost 75% of discretionary spending worldwide by 2028.

And what’s more, we know that people actively use Pinterest as a platform to inform their purchasing decisions.

According to Pinterest, 84% of weekly Pinners use Pinterest when actively considering products/services to purchase but are undecided

So with the right Pinterest marketing strategy, you’ll be targeting people who have both spending power and intent to purchase.


Pinterest Power #3: A Longer Shelf Life

In comparison to most other social platforms, the content you share on Pinterest has a much longer shelf life.

When you first create a Pin, the chances are that you won’t be inundated with likes and comments. Instead, over time, your Pins will be discovered through search. And if you’ve nailed your Pin strategy, they’ll gradually be saved again and again, spreading across the Pinterest community.

This slow-burn strategy might not provide the instant return you’re familiar with on Instagram or Facebook, but it does mean that a single Pin can still be driving fresh brand awareness months — if not years — down the line.

One of the best ways to bump up your long-term brand awareness is to create and save content consistently on your Pinterest account. Thankfully, this is easy to do if you use a visual content planner and scheduler like Later.

Pinterest Power #4: Become a Verified Merchant

Similar to the blue tick on Instagram, Pinterest users will now start to see a blue checkmark on select merchant accounts! Displayed next to the account name, the blue tick represents businesses that are in Pinterest’s new Verified Merchant Program.

Any merchant can apply, but to be eligible you must meet Pinterest’s community guidelines and have a digital footprint online — not just on Pinterest! They’re looking for businesses with high-quality products, customer service, and websites.

Plus, items will appear in Pinterest’s shopping experiences like in the related products section — in front of people who are searching for new brands!

Pinterest Power #5: Get More Traffic from the Shop Tab

With the rising demand for shopping on the app, Pinterest has introduced a Shop tab — a new tab where users can search and browse in-stock inventory from retailers!

Before, all shoppable Pins were thrown into the mix of things, but now, in-stock items can be found under the Shop tab making it much easier to get more traffic to your Pins.

For example, when users search “summer outfits” or “at home workspace” the Shop tab will show in-stock items that relate to those keyword searches.

According to TechCrunch, the number of Shoppable Product Pins has increased by 2.5 times since last year, and Pinterest drove a total increase in traffic to retailers by 2.3 times since last year. And, according to Pinterest, 97% of Pinterest users’ searches are unbranded — meaning most people are searching for ideas, rather than specific brands.

Keeping on top of your analytics is the best way to understand what’s working for your brand on Pinterest.

Congratulations! You now have all the tips and tricks you need to level-up your Pinterest marketing strategy!

With a successful Pinterest marketing strategy, you can build an audience that loves your content, engages with your brand, and buys your products.

So what are you waiting for? Get Pinning today!