Essentials tips for website design to increase sale

Here are some tips to improve website design to increase traffic and Bang your sale at the start of new year .

Essentials tips for website design to increase sale

If you are worried about improving your website Searching how to develop Websites ? How to develop a webpage ? How to develop Website from scratch ?

Go with following steps :

  • Make a Plan
  • Avoid stocky images 
  • Go with social share and follow buttons
  • Implement calls-to-action directly

There are more than 500 types of logos on Doographics to Design Website logo Download here , or needed website icon . Use actual imagery that will work for your audience.Developed a navigation that guides users through your site,Let your site visitors to scroll on your homepage ,Use more white places,Focused mostly on mobile handy Works on SEO terms like as follows

  • Be experimental 
  • Website 404 checker 
  • Website 500 error
  • Website 404 error found it and  fix those issues 

Create good offerings ,Create Catchy  content for your persona .Good website should have mechanisms to attract your audience and let them feel like they are scrolling down your page.Firstly write good content , then work on navigation, correct Design flaws , confusing layouts , then interact with your visitors, never missing conversation opportunities.

Make a plan

Gather customer  journey data from the how  first time visits your website to the moment they become a customer.

After that, you will get an idea about which pages are they going to view, what content are they going to read, and what offers are they going to convert on. Ultimately that leads to helping you design a site that actually helps nurture leads through the sales funnel.

Then, use this data to map out your strategy. This will help you identify the key touch points of your website or the areas your users interact with. By considering those points, you can analyze  visitors' emotions, thoughts, goals, pain points, and opportunities each needs to evoke.

Avoid distractions

Some factors on your website are going to detract from the motto you’re trying to convey. Complicated animations, gif ,content that’s too long, and “stocky” website images are just a few examples. 

Skip such unnecessary things.Colors and weird fonts may create confusions to your audience.

It’s also necessary to avoid too many on-page gif ,animations or interactions. If you’re scrolling through a page and see every button pulsing or a section of icons each with their own animation, it can  feel overwhelming and distract them from reading what’s important on the page.

At first glance, the website utilizes a much cleaner look and feel with less bold colors and more white space. 

Some fonts also feel much more cohesive. These work good to only be one font family, used in either a light, medium, or bolded weight. This creates uniformity and makes everything work together greatly .

Details like this really will  help you to make or break your overall website experience and help your users better understand what you want them to do, creating less confusion.

Give social proof

Video social proof

Instead of arbitrarily placing all the videos next to each other, at first Upland separated them and accompanied them with a header and sentence detailing the result or benefit the client had working with them. Now, users have context to what they will hear about in the videos. 

The card is designed with an image that showcases members of that company, which is way more better and honest than if they were to use stock photos, or just a picture of their company  logo. 

For instance, you can’t just put a set of text testimonials and add  a name alone. It’s less likely these will be taken as truth since it will leave users wondering what company actually they work for, what their job 

Secondly, some of the testimonials include photos and people/company names, making the reviews that much more legitimate.   

Implement calls-to-action

When your visitors visit on your site.  You need to guide them properly on your website that will help nurture them to improve conversion. People are lazy, so make this easy for them. Point them in the right direction to take actions so they don’t have to struggle to find what they are looking for. 

By this way you can improve your web design with – this in mind to use strategically placed call-to-actions in areas such as the top right of your navigation, below sections that require action, and at the bottom of your website pages. 

Make a use right stock images

We always recommend you to use original photography on your website, but if that’s not an option, there are techniques you can use to help pick out the right type of stock photo from the internet also.

Stock photos save your time obviously , many websites have imagery that falls into cliché. You’ll also find a lot of other websites may be showcasing the same imagery, which certainly doesn’t help for your credibility. 

So, when you are   choosing stock photos, make sure   to stay away from these cheesy images, like the photos of people high-fiving with over-exaggerated smiles, groups looking at the camera, executives in superhero costumes, groups of suited people jumping in the air.

Use photos which show reality. This could be people in an office talking over a meeting table in business casual clothing, over the shoulder shots of people typing on a laptop, people drawing on a whiteboard in an open room .you can also go  for candid images and prefer in real-life settings rather than studios. 

Let them  scroll your homepage

Use your homepage as real estate to get your advantage. A good rule-of-thumb is to include four to five sections that help direct new and your users to the key areas of your website.
Make attractive stuff , on your homepage , let your visitors spend more time to explore on your homepage. Clean and specifically organized navigations let the user know that you want them to have an easy time moving around your website and that there’s nothing to hide. As a result, your users are more likely to visit higher numbers of pages during their session, increasing their time spent on your website. Get our amazing stock images to design your website images most attractive.