Flyers design ideas for social media marketing for free

Now you can make amazing flyers designs for your business marketing, make it easily and download for free with doographics

Flyers design ideas for social media marketing for free

flyers are great options to advertise your brand . Flyers making is  trendy , less expensive  and  versatile. Right flyer   can reach to the  right audience with the right message at the right time here are some flyer design ideas which can surely cause an  impact on your audience .


here are some effective flyers design ideas to make awesome flyers 

1. Catchy colors –

Attract your audience with vibrant colors . Go for a bold red background or use contrast to your advantage with a neon accent on a dark base. You can take help of colors psychology for example for health brands you can use yellows  or primary colors for kids.

2. Do dark –

Dark fonts are also good to catch attraction .Black is sometimes  effective for luxury brands or to symbolize  danger, horror or nighttime.So you can use this technique to highlight your product. 

3. Make it  simple –

don’t rush your board and all the  stuff the flyer is full of every single  information you have . Decide some important things and then focus on that. Minimalist, simple designs with free space, really help to focus attention on what matters, for your advertisement.

4. Fly it with seasons –

Work with seasonality and recent upcoming  events will ensure that your message is relevant and trendy . It will help to  promote with a special event or just a design element added into the symbols associated with the fall, rainy ,December or Diwali holiday season or whatever else is going on that’s relevant to your brand and products.

5. Make it differently –

Make it in your new styles , use different designs for flyers Include patterns, put a frame around the content or use graphics and font. A good  design  will help to allow your  customer to listen to what you have to say.

6. Play with features –

Linear will doesn’t suit to flyers ! put your headings in an angle and experiments with your typography and imagery to make your flyer pop out from the crowd.

7. Add photography –

The pictures in your flyers  should be of a high quality and should be impactful on your audience.

8. Use  cute and cuddly feels –

Cute Babies, puppies and  animals are evergreen  good  trick to upping the cute factor! Don’t be afraid to pull at those even if they’re not directly related to the business, cute pictures can help to grab attention and give people all the cute feels.

9. Be a cartoonist –

As this days are we can say emoji days we used a lot emoji on Facebook Instagram and all the social media those are so damn trendy emojis are also famous in outfits also .so take advantage of this trend Cartoons and graphics can be a fun way to bring to life your message and build an approachable brand personality. So  go full emoji!

10. Resize and Reshape it –

You can make it in smaller size to larger one think out of box and make an impressive shape , you can relate flyers shape to your product .For example you can go with car shapes to promote car brands.

11. Incentivize –

Think about announcing offers or discounts on your products . Can you give them a discount code or a coupon or create some other special promotion? What about a prize draw or to win prizes or a kind of gift?

12. Create a hunger –

If you are promoting a food business, flaunt your food products  with impressive  images of your most delicious meals.. The customer’s stomach will lead them straight to your store

13. Be social –

Pull more people into your squad by encouraging them to follow you on your social channels . also you can allow them  to tag or mention  you as they share their pictures online. You can also use your flyer to ask people to give review or feedback to your product .

how to make flyer with Doographics flyer maker

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  • Then just choose your choice of good templates,fonts, backgrounds .

make awesome flyer design templates with the help of above tips I have mentioned , hope this will be helpful .you can Visit Doographics for designing business brochures, logo and many more .