How to make event successful with doographics facebook ads

Your Facebook ads’ design is one of the key components that make your campaign either succeed or fail. Here is a list of templates to get started.

How to make event successful with doographics facebook ads

Facebook ad templates make it easier for creating new Facebook ad each time you are about to launch a new campaign, is taxing and overwhelming. Let’s assume you have already created your Facebook audience and set your Facebook Pixel and all other Facebook marketing implementations you need and now ready to create a new facebook ad. The fact is, you have a lot to do and do not always remember which facebook ad templates to use on various campaigns especially when you are an advertising agency or running many ad units. By creating your Facebook Ad Templates, you will save a lot of time. Your created ad templates can also be used by your entire company employees. Apart from that, for each ad template, There are specifications you need to closely observe for your ad copies to be approved and also perform well.

These ad specifications are:

  •       File type – (.jph or .png)
  •       Resolution – (e.g. 1080 x 1080)
  •       Aspect ratio (e.g. 1.91:1 to 1:1)
  •       Text (e.g. 125 characters
  •       Headline – 25 characters
  •       Link description – 30 characters

It is always important to follow Facebook advertising guidelines to get your campaigns to perform at the maximum. We have decided to design and list all the Facebook ad templates and specifications to make it easier for you to create and run Facebook Ads successful.

These days, hosting a few ads on Facebook is routine work. You can spend generously on as many Facebook ads as you want, but that doesn’t mean people will respond. You know what increases your chances though? Creating eye catching visuals that stand out in the feed.

We put together 25 free Facebook ad templates so you can take matters into your own hands and start designing facebook ads in a few minutes. The amount of time spent on an ad doesn’t influence its success which is why a simple online editor is enough to create something truly memorable.

Don’t hold back on your designs. Create memorable visuals using these Facebook ad templates as a basis to illustrate the nature of your business, your special deals or an ad for your content. With Doographics, you can create an Facebook ad design in the fraction of the time, edging a little closer to  creating more effective and powerful ads that inspire responses.

1.  Fashion


2.  Real Estate


3.  E-Commerce


4.  Food


5.  Fitness


6.  Travel




8.  Sport


9.  Sale


10.  Invitation


It’s not easy to know how exactly you want to get started when it comes to Facebook Ad design. And when we say design, we don’t just mean the image itself. We mean the big picture: copy, images, videos, and CTAs, the whole shebang.

There’s so much to take into consideration and it’s no surprise that brands and marketers alike feel stumped when it’s time to head to the drawing board. With the right tools and strategies at hand, though, this process gets a lot easier and a lot more efficient.To do so we invest our money and the brainpower of our experts to experiment and find out what really works and what doesn’t.

As more advertisers realize the potential and jump on board, the increased competition can quickly turn a winning Facebook advert into a money-waster.

In the end, however, the success of a Facebook Ad comes down to just two critical elements:

  1. Great creatives, which includes the copy and the design of the video(s) or image(s) (AKA attracts users’ attention while creating the desire for your product).
  1. Laser-focused targeting (AKA display your ad only to an audience of potential customers).

You’ll ultimately need these two to work cohesively together. Each ad campaign should be designed specifically for niche segments of your target audience, with copy, images, and even placements carefully selected based on that buyer persona.

It’s Up to You Now…

There are so many factors that go into creating strong, high-performing Facebook campaigns.

Facebook advertising represents an awesome opportunity to do just that.

Although it often takes some failed experiments before you find an ad that converts at a profit, one good ad that scales profitably usually covers the costs of any failures.

Facebook ads aren’t only useful for bringing highly targeted customers to your site — they can be used at every stage of the e-commerce sales funnel.

First-time visitor conversion rates are tiny – 2 percent or less.

If you aren’t remarketing to people who engage with your brand, then you’re leaving money on the table.

The targeting, the copy, the offer, the bids, and even the placements all have to be right. Even if they are, however, your ad can still fall short if they lack strong, motivational, cohesive designs.

Combined, these tips are the most effective ways to design killer Facebook Ads that we’ve learned over the last 10 years.

Remember to keep your specific audience and goals in mind when designing your Facebook Ads, and to thoroughly test these different design strategies and tips to see what your audience is most responsive to.