How to make wide sky scraper to make your website boom

Now you can design wide skyscraper just in a minute. Design and download for free

How to make wide sky scraper to make your website boom

 (Wide) Skyscraper – the sky’s the limit

(Wide) Skyscrapers reaching for the clouds: Your campaign will attract a great deal of attention with this distinctive portrait format and prominent placement on the right side of the screen, yet close to the content. You’ll have plenty of space to design especially creative, unique ads, and thanks to the “sticky-effect” always in your user’s sight.

Skyscraper and wide skyscraper are the original standard advertising formats. This upright advertising material is placed to the right of the website content in an immediately visible area.

The attention-grabbing upright format and its vertical placement make the Skyscraper the ideal advertising space for a campaign. The advertising message is placed prominently and close to the content on the right-hand side of the screen and thus attracts the attention of the user. The Wide Skyscraper is an oversized version of the Skyscraper. It is integrated into the same place, and its larger format offers even more room for the creative presentation of an advertising message.

Wide Skyscraper

Although many people recognize this popular banner ad template from the sidebars of their favorite websites, most don’t know that it’s called a wide “skyscraper.” Such a phrase evokes tall, inspiring structures that stand out amongst all the dense clutter of a bustling city. And so it is with skyscraper banner ads—the best ones stand out amidst the photographs and walls of text that surround it, hopefully inspiring a viewer to learn more.

Enough with these musings, though—you have banner ads to create, and fast. Fortunately, our pre-made templates make the job much easier than building a real skyscraper. 

Wide sky scraper banner size-

At 160 by 600 pixels, our Business Wide Skyscraper Banner Template is sized precisely to IAB and Google AdSense standards. All you have to do is adjust the colors, images, messaging and font, and voilà! A skyscraper banner ad worthy to stand among giants.

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Wide Skyscraper banner

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Wide Skyscraper

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What is a skyscraper ad?

Wide skyscraper banner size comes in two dimensions: 120x600px and 160x600px. It gets its name from the tall, thin shape that makes it appear as a skyscraper compared to other ads.

That same shape is what makes it a little more difficult to advertise using the skyscraper format. There’s not much creative space in a wide skyscraper, and it’s a little

More awkward to design in than a square or rectangle. It’s also a little easier for prospects to miss.

So, a great wide  skyscraper  banner ads on  google has to be optimized for:

Catchiness: Does it catch the eye?

Clarity: Is the value proposition clear?

Clickability: Does it compel the viewer to click?

Creativity: Does it stand out from all the boring ads on the internet?

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How do your wide skyscraper ads compare?

The preceding examples demonstrate how to design skyscraper display ads based on catchiness, clarity, clickability, and creativity. Each ad is considered the pre-click stage; what follows post-click is just as important, however, because that is what generates the conversion.

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