How to optimise your website for local seo

Website optimization for local seo marketing, here's how you can grab local visitors to your website

How to optimise your website for local seo

Are you running a small business at multiple locations, and you wanna near by customers to find out your brand or service, for this all you have to do is to apply local SEO strategy, to website development.

Check out the local seo benefits - 

The advantages of optimizing your business for local search, are -  you can connect with a greater number of customers looking for the products or services you offer at the right timing to them.

What Is Local SEO?

Local SEO  - Local Search Engine Optimization,is the process of optimizing your business’s web presence so that you show up whenever nearby customers perform a search related to your business.

Local search intent is highly  specific. Local customers are looking for businesses near them that can provide them with  specific things .

Someone in Sydney searching for a dishwasher doesn’t want to find a business in San Francisco. They specifically want to find a dishwasher business in Sydney .

That’s how local SEO strategy helps businesses connect with these customers by the utilization of targeting in their marketing strategies.

Local search can ultimately lead to drawing more  customer visits to your website.

Generally , Customers who search for a local business are often ready to visit. One Google research shows that 78% of people who conduct a local mobile search visit a business within 24 hours, cool isn’t It ?

According to Search Engine Land reports that 76% of local mobile searches result in a purchase either in-store or directly online.Most searchers are ready to visit a business and make a quick purchase. They want to find a place nearby that offers what they want and required. Local SEO plays an important role in finding it.

Understanding Local SEO and Search Engines for website creation Local SEO matters because search engines want to provide the most useful results possible. The main  difference between local SEO and traditional organic SEO is the geographical factor which enables search engines to show users relevant results for nearby locations solutions. 

To provide the best local results, Google considers three Local seo ranking factors.

  1. Proximity: How close the business is to the searcher from his location 
  2. Relevance: How useful the business is to the search phrase
  3. Prominence: How well-known the business is and how much online authority the business has.

To improve local SEO, a business should optimize their online presence to approve to these three main ranking factors.

Organic search results are earned when local businesses follow SEO best practices. The placement appears as a standard search result.Local seo organic search results

Paid search engine results are paid search ads. A local business pays for their search result to appear when people search for selected particular keywords based on  a pay-per-click marketing strategy. The “Ad” designation on the result indicates that it is a paid promotion.

Google My Business results are top search results that display in a map or a featured listing. Businesses that occur in this rich search section have claimed and optimized their Google My Business page.

Google guaranteed listings for local SEO 

Local SEO Tips

  • How to Optimize Your Site in few  Steps 

Let’s take a look at how you can optimize your site for local search.

Make this local seo checklist to appeal to Google’s proximity, relevance, and prominence ranking factors. 

  • Your website  design should be mobile-friendly

Mobile-friendly site becomes responsive and can easily adapt to any display screen size. Any SEO checklist will recommend you to use a responsive site because it is both an SEO ranking factor and customers expectation. Mobile sites perform better in search and also provide a better experience for users.

Mobile-friendliness is especially important for local search, as lots of  people use their mobile device to search for local businesses. In addition , mobile-friendly sites are easier to navigate, which can lead to a longer time on a site and allow greater conversions. This can also send affirmative behavioral signals to Google and boost search rankings.

  • How to See If Your Site Is Mobile-Friendly

Add your business location to your website Firstly you have to feature your business address on your website. If you have a single location, add your address to your website at the site footer and also to the contact page.

If you have multiple locations, firstly create a locations page that lists the addresses of each location, and create a new page for each location. On your contact and location pages, attached a Google map showing the business location. Add all  location-based structural  data to your website.

This data helps search engines associate your business with a specific locality.

Make a Google My Business page: 

Google My Business is a free listing that businesses can create for each of their locations. Business page may appear as a list of businesses and/or as a map.GMB rich results may also show information about a business location including additional data such as their address, working hours, phone number, etc. as well as call-to-action buttons .

Build business local seo citations:

Important business citation is the Google My Business for local seo . But it’s not the single factor that matters.A business citation is an online mentioning  of your business that includes your name, phone number, and address , services. Citations are essential because they tell Google that your business is authentic and trustworthy. They displayed on local and national directory sites such as:

  1. Facebook 2. Yelp  3.Apple maps  4.Yellow Pages

Create profiles for your business on all well-known national citation sites as well as regional or local business directories.

Build title tags and meta descriptions for your location and category

Title tags and meta descriptions are meta tags or as like pieces of code added to the backend of a webpage to help search engines understand what is the content of the page.

A title tag is a part of the page title that appears on SERPs. The meta description describes the whole page. It also appears in the search results for the web page. To enhance local SEO, optimize title tags and meta descriptions for your location and business category.On location pages, mention the city name  and category in both the title and description.

Title tags should have to maximize 60 characters.Meta description characters should be to 160.Now you know what is local seo marketing actually ,Hope this will be helpful to improve your website local SEO.