How to use Doographics

Doographics is a self built designing software which was created by Indian who wanted to revamp the economy and escalate job opportunities amidst lockdown.

How to use Doographics

Doographics is an online graphic design platform which makes online posters, thumbnails, creates social media marketing images, and  makes it easy for everyone from the fresher’s to the professionals. It helps you design high quality visual social media marketing materials with good images and graphics .Doographics helps you save time and make your social media management less manual and more effective by providing plans to schedule more efficiently, By creating curative and diverse content such as Good images for social media marketing etc. which makes it a very useful app.

Doographics offering

  • Thumbnail maker
  • Facebook post Maker
  • Instagram post Maker
  • Instagram story Maker
  • YouTube channel art maker
  • Flyer maker
  • Logo maker
  • Resume maker

Social media is not only a resource for entertainment but it also can serve as a valuable tool for business. With the large ginormous base of social media sites and audience in billions, these sites can help expose businesses to potential customers, communicate with existing customers and  promote the product.

But, Is it enough for you to have an account on social media and do the business? Well the answer is a big No. Having an account in social media is not a big deal. What actually matters is the presence and response that is managed to acquire. In order to achieve this, it is always recommended that a creator should have good content which means videos with good graphics ,good audios, proper templates , captions which will attract more audience to the his account helping him the promotion of the product. But what if you get the solutions of all your problems in one platform . Doographics is one such platform which comes in your aid when you want have good content for social media .

So, in this blog we will take a look on the uses of Doographics..

In poster making

Posters are a worldwide favorite. They’re creative, bold, groovy and can provoke so many emotions too. They are chock full of information . They are a great a way of promoting the product or delivering messages as they catches the eyes of the people. The key is finding the right balance with headline, copy, images, and logos. When you’ve achieved that, you’ve got one sweet poster. You can use poster makers such as doographics in order to achieve all the above. Doographics helps you in choosing the correct templates , background color, helps you to select font etc. . Which augments the quality of  your posters. Doographics gives you templates with many colors so if you are making a soothing poster design or happy image  choose a set of cool tunes for your background such as blue,green or yellow.If you want to make an engaging poster design about a negative cause use dark colors such as red, black or grey.

Creating content for Facebook and Instagram stories

 Stories lets Instagram and Facebook accounts post photos and videos that vanish after 24 hours.Doographics provides online templates to create media images in a categorized uniform manner so you can choose the correct template easily.With the use of Doographics one can create good social media pictures and edit videos or make good informative videos that targets audience and brings lots of traffic to the page that results in the growth of social media pages. It helps you to create catchy media images and 

videos that drags lot of attention from the general public and grows your business and promotes your product.

In writing Resume

Resume is a formal declaration of your past and present qualifications, experience and followed by a cover letter to mention why a person is fit for the particular job.Having a good Resume  not only will make you stand out from the crowd ,it also doubles up   your chances of getting hired.

Doographics helps you in making a good professional resume with it’s CV Resume maker .Within few minutes a good professional Resume can be made using this tool.

Doographics gives you many professional templates choose from. Doographics’s online CV maker helps you in creating a perfect CV to finally stand from the crowd and land your dream job.

Creating visual content for social media platforms

With More than 4.5 billion people now use the internet, while social media users have passed the 3.8 billion mark. Nearly 60 percent of the world's population is already online, and the latest trends suggest that more than half of the world's total population will use social media  by the middle of this year.with this ginormous reach of social media it acts as a great tool for business if you have good content regarding the promotion of your product

Creating content for social media is an essential part of the game. Visual content gets three times more engagement. So Doographics provides many user friendly, size fitting templates that enhances your media images and gives you plenty of good options of good social media marketing images and helps you in making good visual content.

The amazing designs and templates helps you to get  more likes, comments and engagement on social media which results in the growth of business and  good visual content can help you to  take it to the next level.

Enhancing social media

Doographics played an integral role in enhancement of your social media. It assists you in making good content by providing any background and templates, helps in scheduling Post, helps in posting the content on time, helps you in editing your videos for platforms like YouTube etc. It is said that the ' First impression is the last impression” Doographics helps you in creating thumbnail for YouTube that catches the eyes of the users and makes a good impression on user as a result of which a lot of traffic is drives to the Media pages. 

 Doographics is a native app which will revolutionized the graphics sector and is targeted to make Indian Youth "aatmanirbhar". Doographics is an "swadeshi" platform which Will revamp the economy and escalate many job opportunities for Indian Youth .