Make Christmas 2021 cards by yourself.

Use DooGraphics to customize the Christmas 2021 card designs and learn the best 5 ways which can make your design unique.

Make Christmas 2021 cards by yourself.

2021 is about to end but one of the most widely celebrated festivals is on its way. Yes, you guessed it right, ‘Christmas’. From toddlers to oldies, everyone finds pleasure in giving gifts and receiving them as well. This is the time of year when Christmas card templates are in demand. Why? Because ‘Merry Christmas’ cards are always the saviour. So for Christmas 2021, we want you to use DooGraphics to create your templates. It’s 2021 and using 1900 designs to wish your loved ones a Merry Christmas 2021, is not a great idea. So, what are you waiting for? Go use DooGraphics.

DooGraphics is a one-stop destination where you can create, customize as well as download all the Christmas card templates for free. One can find a variety of free Christmas card templates here. All the template designs can be customized with the easy drag and drop method. Customizing Christmas card templates may seem like an easy process but it's easier said than done. This is why this blog by DooGraphics can help you know the dos and don'ts of customizing free Christmas card templates.


Here are the 5 dos you can try while customizing a ‘Merry Christmas 2021’ card:

  1. Use red, white and green colours. The most common colours used during Christmas are red, green and white. That is why using these colours can easily convey your message. Though these are repetitive colours these colours are ideal ones when it comes to Christmas wishes templates free.
  2. Don’t forget to insert a Christmas tree image/sticker. Christmas trees are vital, adding this to your free Christmas card templates is the easiest way to utilize space. But make sure to add this tree either in one of the corners. Doing this will give a soothing effect to the Merry Christmas 2021 card.
  3. Try using 'Italic font'. There are very rare Christmas card templates that don’t include texts in italic font. Again, using an italic font can make your Christmas 2021 card more beautiful. But never use a font that makes it hard to read. Try using an easy to read yet beautiful italic font.
  4. Stars and snow can be used as background images instead of merry Christmas images. Making optimum use of either one of these also reduces the opacity so that they fit perfectly in the Christmas card templates.
  5. Last but not the least, add an image/ sticker of Santa clause or gifts. Try using only one of these in the merry Christmas templates free download. Also, be precise with its size, a big image or sticker can make the Christmas 2021 card look like a mess.

These were a few of the 5 ideas that can be used to make your Merry Christmas 2021 card.

One can find a variety of well designed free Christmas card templates available on the internet. But the real hustle is not finding the beautiful template but finding the right platform which provides unique Christmas card templates, which can be customized and downloaded for free. And the best example of such a design platform is DooGraphics.

Now, let's jump into knowing how DooGraphics can help you create the ideal merry Christmas 2021 cards. DooGraphics is originally an Indian designing platform. A platform for all the designing beginners as well as experts. This is a one-stop destination for every designer who wants to design templates on their own. This one-stop store gives you the choice of choosing predesigned free Christmas card templates or customizing these templates. This free designing platform is always chosen by all the designers to showcase their design skills. One best reason why everyone prefers using DooGraphics is apart from using merry Christmas images from the feed you can also add in your Christmas images to make the Christmas 2021 card look unique.

Wondering why DooGraphics is preferred by many designers to create/ customize/ download Christmas cards? You have to follow only 3 basic steps when on DooGraphics. From finding the right Christmas template to adding your designing skills to them everything can be done here for free.


Let’s dive into knowing the 3 steps to create a Christmas wishes template for free.

Step 1: First things first, create an account on DooGraphics. Once you open DooGraphics on the top right corner of the home page you can find the ‘Sign in / up' option. Using this you can create an account and use all the features DooGraphics has.

Step 2: Now, select the ‘Christmas card’ templates option from the ‘Products' section. All the products of DooGraphics can be viewed under the products section from the home screen. Once this is selected all the Christmas card templates can be viewed. Choose the card design you find ideal.

Step 3: After you choose the Christmas 2021 card you find perfect, now it's time you add up your designing skills to these templates. Customisation can be done by the drag and drop method. As your design gets ready click on the ‘Download’ option on the top of the designing screen and download your card design for free.

This is how effortless it is to create a Merry Christmas 2021 card by yourself on DooGraphics. So what are you waiting for, go check out Christmas 2021 designs and start creating now!