Social media marketing promotions for your blog

How you can promote your Blog , by social media marketing using all social media marketing platforms like Instagram, twitter, linkedin , Facebook .

Social media marketing promotions for your blog

All about social media marketing You are the one , who is  finding effective ways to promote your blog on social media? 

While following digital marketing trends ,we will face  Lots of suffering and frustration of having little or no more blog traffic will dissolve into the happiness and satisfaction of driving targeted, to get traffic through your social media websites.

Sounds good ? So are you ready to learn how to use best , effective tips and tricks  for promoting your blog on sites social media marketing platforms like Twitter, Facebook,  and LinkedIn , Instagram .

So let’s get started , 

Promote Other Bloggers

It feels weird to promote Other Bloggers.Whenever you promote others , they become motivated to promote you in return for their promotions . That’s common human behavior, Generous people find that other bloggers want to return their generosity.Promote other bloggers surely on Twitter ,Facebook,LinkedIn, Pinterest,Instagram

Huge number of bloggers will gladly promote you in return, enhancing your reach on a wide range of social media websites.Rank on search engines for targeted keywords then Boost your social proof.That's a great simple way , Give freely so you can Receive easily. 

Welcome fresh followers –

Whenever I meet new friends on my Facebook I give  thanks to my new friend for their friendship and add a link to my home page , in their chat box .I just send a link when I greet new friends, pointing the link toward my blog home page. It’s a simple task you can send a DM (direct message) and just copy and pasting your blog link.This will  help you to promote your blog in a non-spammy way.That’s why , Be social, Be friendly, Be helpful , importantly Be a promoter.

Ask Link Less Questions and Provide Thorough Answers via blog – 

Choose an indirect approach.Sometimes instead of posting your latest blog post link on social media sites try chatting. Ask questions to get an idea of the audience mind-set. Provide answers to their more popular problems.

 More friends on social media sites will follow you, your expertise, directly  your blog and you’ll indirectly generate more clicks on your blog through your social media sites .

Use Hashtags power – They act as mini promoters. 

Enter the hashtag.Hashtag on Social Media. Have you heard the name Jeff Bullas ?

Jeff Bullas is the hashtag master . He maintains a great Twitter following but he grabs targets each tweet to a select audience. This ensures he attracts targeted, interested, traffic. Add hashtags to every 2nd or 3rd tweet , instagram hashtags play the best role .Use Hashtags , Target your readers. Grow following.

Ask to Share, Ask for likes & share ,Liked posts get more views .

Clarity, simplicity and directness are 3 factors to be successful bloggers. Use those factors to promote blog posts rapidly on social media websites. 

Always ask people to share new blog posts through Twitter, Facebook, G Plus and LinkedIn, Instagram . Add this call to action at the blog  termination.

This way literally takes 15 seconds to do and the results you see will be worth it to website building.

Make Use of beautiful Pictures and Gif ,Blog Readers love  eye candy.Add eye-catching, attractive , big pictures to your blog posts and be sure the images preview should look  proper on social media

You can also  gain a healthy amount of Pinterest shares because of this delectable attractive eye candy.So take social media marketing advantages to enhance traffic on your blog .Grab  catchy social media marketing images Doographics