Summer inspirational color palettes for your brand

One of the keys to making your design come alive is choosing just the right color combination and here is the list of color palette combinations.

Summer inspirational color palettes for your brand

One of the keys to making your design come alive is choosing just the right color combination. In this 2021 summer, make your brand shine with the help of these beautiful summer color palette designs. Whether you're attempting to evoke the feelings associated with a breathtaking landscape, a romantic sunset or a dynamic scene bursting with color, it takes a trained eye to bring together the perfect hues to drive your message home. To save you some time and effort in your search for the ideal color combination, we've created a list of beautiful color schemes you can use in any of your projects.

These color combos are already available for you within doographics , so you can easily apply them to any of your own designs by simply clicking on the color combination of your choice, as seen below.

1. Classic and Retro

This color combination of mostly dark colors--from a dark grayish cyan and a dark moderate red to a dark orange--make this combination ideal for a subdued look. For simpler designs, you can also choose to use only the top three colors.

2. Shimmering Blues and Greens

Here we have a mix of strong and vivid blues with a soft yellow and desaturated dark orange color combination, which is ideal if you're going for something a bit more exciting and dynamic than the typical blues and browns. This color code is most often used.

3. Mediterranean blues

This perfect color combination of a grayish blue with a desaturated dark blue and a range of browns evoke the feelings associated with this magical and mysterious Mediterranean setting. It is an ideal color design, related to travel or nature.

4. Sophisticated and Calm

This color combination is versatile enough to be used in a variety of design projects, from those with a sophisticated and upscale look to those with a calm and comfortable feel.

5. Vivid and Retro

This original mix of red, pink and a vivid orange make this a versatile and eye-catching color palette, which can be used in a variety of ways by, for example, applying the first three colors or, alternatively, the bottom three in a design.

6. Turquoise and Red

This color palette gives rise to this unique color combination of blues, cyans and red. If you decide to mix and match two or three colors at a time, you can create a range of color palettes for your designs, from professional ones with cool colors to more upbeat, energetic ones.

7. Swiss Meadows

The dark blue combined with the gold and bronze in this color combination are often seen in the official colors of school teams. The pink, however, adds a unique and colorful touch that can be used to make your design stand out.

8. Fresh & Bright

Fresh greenery and colorful blossoms make springtime a welcome sight after a long winter. This color palette features bright shades of green and coral that will make your design pop. These types of color combos might be used for a spring- or summer-season event poster or perhaps an advertisement that wants to come across as fresh and youthful.

9. Cool Blues

Monochromatic color schemes (made up of the various tints, tones, or shades of one color) are extremely versatile. While this color palette may not qualify as monochromatic according to the technical definition, for visual purposes, it creates a similar effect. With a color as multipurpose as blue, this combination could be used just about anywhere.

From color theory to classic color combinations, we’ve taken a look at great color schemes from across the spectrum. Be it sleek and simple or edgy and eclectic, the right color palette will support your brand in every way, elevating it to become recognizable and iconic.

Go ahead, chase some rainbows.