What are Backlink ? How to make Backlink ?

All about Backlink ? What are backlink ? Backlink types ? How to make backlink to improve your website SEO.

What are Backlink ? How to make Backlink ?

Backlinks are an important factor in seo tools backlink Kya Hai ?

“Backlink is  the  links which  point to your website from another website. These links give signals to google and other search engines about the quality of your web page, indirectly”.

In short, backlinks are essential to improve the website SEO. But, it’s not such a simple task to get quality backlinks.

Backlink in SEO – 

Backlinks are also called ‘incoming link’ or ‘ inbound links’.

Backlink for SEO –  

There are many ways to improve your SEO and to  make  volume of traffic to your blog.

Backlinking is the best way ,google gives priority to the websites with  quality backlinks.

Google ranked those sites top for search results.

It will help your blog from high-quality websites and will help your site to rank higher in the search engine results .

Backlink also increases your site’s domain authority. Here are major reasons why your blog required Backlinks :

It Improves search engine rankings

Provide faster indexing

Helps to build relationships with other influencers, and bloggers

You can Get referral traffic to Establish web page authority

If  someone links back in your site, you will receive new referral traffic. So, if you have a good blog, there are  more chances of people will subscribe to it  too.

There are 2 Backlink types – 

1. Do follow Backlinks 

Backlink Do follow – is also called as ‘juicy links’.If you paste a link to another site , the search engine will index that site ,then it becomes a do follow link . Here are some Benefits Of Do follow  Backlink :

  • To improve page rank
  • To improve website or blog authority
  • To improve content rank in search engines.

2. No follow Backlinks

If Robot in the search engine of google visits a  website then no follow tag stops the robot from linking the index .Benefits of No follow Backlink It helps to grab traffic,Helps to improve DA, PA and other Metrics. 

How to make Backlinks :

Comments Backlinks : These links are created by commenting on a post on another website. This type of backlink includes  into the category of no follow backlink. But it will be helpful for your site.

Guest Post Backlinks : Those kinds of link ranks in search engines very fastly.The links generated by writing a post for another website and after inserting the link of your website or article in the text anchor.This type of backlink raises the rank of the site very fast in search engines.

Profile backlink : You can find profile Backlinks in most websites Such backlinks are also very useful and help to increase the SERP.

Internal backlinks :  Whenever you write any article, you must give a link to the web page of your other post. This type of link plays a very good role to increase the value of your site.

 So increase your website traffic and SEO by Backlinks successfully.