Why YouTube Thumbnails are Important for Traffic

Your YouTube thumbnails is the first impression of your content on YouTube. So, it's important that you make your thumbnail as attractive as possible

Why YouTube Thumbnails are Important for Traffic

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You may have learned that the first impression is a lasting impression. Your thumbnails are the first impression of your content on YouTube. So, it's important that you make your thumbnail as attractive as possible

A YouTube thumbnail is usually the first thing viewers can see when they browse YouTube. The image could make them want to click on it or look at the next result on the list. They are also building anticipation of what is inside. So, it's important that you make your thumbnail as attractive as possible. Why YouTube Thumbnails are Important for Traffic?

Thumbnails have a part to play in getting you a) traffic, and b) watch time.

Your thumbnails are like billboards to draw the audience to the video. But if they don't deliver on their promise of what's inside the video, the viewers will leave easily.

Not only should your thumbnail be pleasing and persuasive, but it should also reflect your content properly.

To make a perfect YouTube thumbnail you just need to be imaginative, articulate, and attentive. So, here are some tricks that will help you create attractive thumbnails.

YouTube Thumbnails are Important for Traffic  

Pay attention to your YouTube thumbnails

Since YouTube is a visual forum where people watch videos, viewers can look at your thumbnail before they read the title of your videos.

You should strive to produce a thumbnail that is identifiable by the viewer, and it must be visually linked to your content.

Keep a consistent theme across all YouTube channel thumbnails

Branding is a very critical component of visual marketing. And to make a good brand identity in the eyes of your viewers, you need to be consistent with your content.

If you are consistent in creating a thumbnail, your viewers can easily identify your videos and increase their dedicated viewing experience. Seek to use a similar template or template that will make your channel consistent.

It will also help to strengthen your relationship with your viewers. This should increase the number of loyal viewers and also boost the rankings. And it's going to make it easier for viewers to access your videos quickly.

YouTube thumbnail size is 1280 x 720. Make full-sized attractive thumbnails

Your YouTube thumbnail should be full size. Don't make it in the wrong size. Unless your thumbnail is not as defined, it will not show up properly and may be hazy. Keep in mind the dimensions and think about how you can make good use of that room. The ideal YouTube scale is 1280 * 720.

The color and contrast of the thumbnail come after the scale. You need to build something that stands out from the crowd. The use of dark colors on a light backdrop is a perfect contrast that makes the thumbnail appealing and eye-catching.

Logo for doographics online design tool

Logo for doographics online design tool 

Check your thumbnail on all devices

Often when you've created a thumbnail, it might look fine on your laptop, but when you see it on some other screen, such as a TV or cell phone, it might look hazy or blurred.

So, it's really important for you to check your YouTube thumbnail before you update it. Just keep in mind all the devices on which your videos may be visible, as you never know which device your viewer might be using.

Pay particular attention to your cell phones. That's where much of the YouTube traffic is going.

Put text on your thumbnails

According to our results, thumbnails with text and numbers get more clicks than thumbnails with photos only. This is because the human brain wants to pause and read when it sees text. Use it to your advantage.

Your Thumbnail can have images from your video that are different from screengrabs

If your video doesn't have an image worth putting up as a preview, don't put it up. Create a custom graphic instead of the picture you like. That's the right thing to do on YouTube, and if it helps you get more traffic, go ahead and do it.  

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