write description for YouTube videos to get top ranking

There's a lot going on to rate your YouTube videos. video descriptions so important? Simply put, they're asking YouTube what your video is all about.

write description for YouTube videos to get top ranking

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Believe it or not, YouTube is the second-largest search engine in the world; it's just Google that outshines it. And the YouTube user base has long exceeded the $1 billion mark. So, if you're looking for ways to make your brand more accessible, you could do a lot worse than embarking on a YouTube videos SEO campaign.

There's a lot going on to rate your [thirstylink ids="2880"]YouTube videos[/thirstylink]. We're not a video service, so we're not going to get into all the nuts and bolts, but we can make a few suggestions that are closer to our wheelhouse: writing video descriptions that will boost your SEO file.

Why are YouTube video descriptions so important? Simply put, they're asking YouTube what your video is all about. If YouTube doesn't know how to categorize your video, it's definitely not going to be very good. Understanding how to write concise and detailed descriptions is important, then. Here are a couple of tips to help you get started.

How to write description for YouTube videos to get top ranking in seo

Write Long Video Descriptions

This is certainly a content writing area where extra length is beneficial. In reality, some YouTube SEO experts claim that every video description should really be a "miniature blog post."

We're not sure we're going that far, but we suggest writing 150-200 words for each message. And make sure it's a nice, useful piece of information that helps YouTube categorize your video. That's what takes us to the next level.

Give Meaning, but don't give it all away

Unless your YouTube videos description is pure fluff, it won't help you express your thoughts to YouTube algorithms. And, if you show all the key points of your video, there might be no incentive for people to actually watch it.

The middle ground is advised. Provide a clear overview of what your video is all about, including its key themes and general points, but maintain actual, value-adding points. Make it clear what viewers should expect from your video, but don't take away the opportunity to sit back and take a look at it.

Use the Right Number of Keywords

Here's a suggestion that might as well shock you. If you use too many keywords in your video summary, it can actually be counter-productive. Imagine that you choose 23 keyword tags for a single video. What you say to YouTube is that the video covers 23 different subjects. It's understandable that YouTube algorithms may have a hard time knowing how to categorize the content. twenty-three topics is an awful lot!

So, both the tags and the keywords you use in the video description itself, we recommend sticking to some basics:

Just have one keyword — the main term you're trying to rate with.

Including two or three alternate variants of that keyword; for example, if the main keyword is content writing, the alternatives might be content writing ideas, content writing techniques, etc. Eventually, provide a few specific categories of keywords to provide background.

Provide a call to action Eventually, and as with much of the material you write, include a clear call to action. Some users can see your video and want to learn more about your company — so make sure that your video description gives them a simple way to call and/or access your website. Links to related blogs or social media accounts can also be useful.

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Write Video Descriptions That getting Results

When it comes to YouTube SEO, performance is not just about the video itself. Your written summary will go a long way — so make sure yours is a good one.