Youtube statistics in 2021

If you’re trying to figure out how YouTube fits into your approach, we have a list of must-know YouTube statistics to help you understand how the platform is being used right now.

Youtube statistics in 2021

The upload of the first video on YouTube took place a while back—in 2005. The platform was advertised for the first time in August 2007. By May 2010, YouTube had more than two billion views per day. By March 2013, it had already reached 1 billion monthly users.

Now in 2021, YouTube is part of our daily life and YouTube statistics are becoming a great deal. And the fact that Google purchased this platform for $1.65 billion back in 2006 shows that they are more than internet trivia—it’s all about business.


So, let’s start crunching the most interesting YouTube stats.

1. Two billion users log in to YouTube monthly.

Perhaps the most impressive of the YouTube video stats is the average number of people present on the platform. That number has surpassed 2 billion logins per month, and it’s growing every day.

When you compare it to the 1.8 billion in mid-2018, the enormous increase becomes obvious—that’s over 200 million people in less than three years.

2. YouTube has 30 million active users daily.

YouTube is not only the biggest video-sharing platform out there, but it’s also in the second place as a search engine, right after Google.

30 million active users per day engage with the platform. That doesn’t change the fact that five billion videos are watched daily, but the average YouTube watch time depends on the nature of engagement.

3. The average number of page views per visitor is 9.96.

The fact that YouTube is also used as a search engine means that people don’t spend all the time watching videos—they also click around. It’s not only about how many videos on YouTube we watch but also about how many times we visit the website.

At the time of writing this article, the average daily number of page views per visitor is 9.96. But keep in mind that this number changes frequently.

4. Mobile devices take up more than 70% of YouTube views.

Most of us switch between devices and use our phones to browse for entertainment. So, the next logical question is, what percentage of video views on YouTube come from mobile devices?

The answer is—more than two-thirds. It doesn’t come as a surprise then that YouTube was the most popular Apple app in 2019.

5. Mobile views per day exceed one billion.

The average number of mobile views per day exceeds one billion, while an average mobile viewing session goes beyond 40 minutes.

These YouTube statistics conclusively show that you need to create every video with mobile users in mind.

6. People spend 250 million hours per day watching YouTube from living-room devices.

Traditional TV is losing its importance, but smart TV is on the rise. That’s why big screens are also an essential part of YouTube statistics and data.

People spend 250 million hours per day watching YouTube on TV screens (via game consoles, Apple TV, Roku, Smart TVs, etc.)—that’s a 39% increase from 2018.


7. 500 hours of content are uploaded on YouTube every minute.

We would have liked to wrap up this segment of general YouTube statistics with data about the total videos on YouTube, but that is just not possible. This number grows by 500 hours every single minute! We can only tell you that people watch over 5 billion videos every day.

8. The number of channels with more than one million subscribers grew by more than 65% year-over-year.

Here’s the silver lining—your chances of reaching this number are growing, and so are the opportunities to earn good money from YouTube.

Below are some YouTube subscriber stats to prove this:

The number of people earning five figures per year from YouTube increased by 50% year-to-year. Six figure earnings are also more common—with a 40% increase year-to-year.

Sounds promising, right? But with great opportunity comes great competition.

9. The most liked YouTube video is Despacito.

The popular song “Despacito” by Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee holds first place for this category with more than 42 million likes. But the most likes doesn’t mean the most views—the winner of this category is the children’s song Baby Shark Dance with 7.84 billion views.

YouTube stats like this one might not be very useful, but they can be fun. 

On that note, the clip “Can this video get 1 million dislikes?” by the famous YouTuber PewDiePie is in the top 10 disliked videos with 5.14 million dislikes. Ironically, the winner of this category is the YouTube Rewind 2018 video with 18.67 million dislikes.

10. T-Series holds first place in the number of subscribers.

The most popular branded channel is undoubtedly T-Series, with a YouTube live subscriber count of almost 170 million. PewDiePie comes second with nearly 109 million

These two have very different content, so the chances are that you follow either one or the other. That brings us to the biggest secret behind YouTuber statistics