Design tips for happy diwali message to love ones

Diwali festival is here, so use the happy Diwali 2021 post templates by DooGraphics and use the design tips to make templates look beautiful.

Design tips for happy diwali message to love ones

2021 didn’t turn out really well, right? Or I won’t be wrong if I say 2021 was even more challenging than 2020. But now even though this year is about to end, it's time for the most renowned Indian festival ‘DIWALI’. A festival of lights and a festival that symbolizes 'light over darkness, god over evil and knowledge over ignorance'. Diwali is a festival that is enjoyed by toddlers and oldies as everyone gathers to share an essence of love. It’s simply a festival which brings a smile to everyone's face. Though the year forced us to stay at home which made us get adapted to a new life of working and attending lectures from home, I am sure this year has made us imagine a life without the internet. People have become well versed in using the internet for connecting with their loved ones. Not only professionally but people have started using the internet to wish people on festivals like Diwali using amazing happy Diwali wishes. This is why now it’s time you wish everyone you know with a beautiful ‘happy Diwali 2021’ card.

But will you step out of your house to find ideal Diwali poster templates? Or be smart enough to google it and get the best happy Diwali wishes card? Well, in the era of smartphones it’s better for you to use a platform like DooGraphics which not only provides unique happy Diwali templates but has a collection of impressive Diwali images to make your ‘Happy Diwali 2021’ design ideal.

DooGraphics is an Indian designing platform, which provides authentic Diwali festival designs, which can be used as greeting cards, posters, etc. This online designing platform is free to create, customize and download. From creating beautiful happy Diwali quotes to adding great Diwali images to the happy Diwali templates, DooGraphics makes the user's journey way easier and happier. This Indian based platform is here to provide free Diwali greeting card templates which can be completely customized.  From happy Diwali 2021 images to Diwali poster design free templates DooGraphics has it all.

Now, let’s jump into 5 impressive designing tips to make your happy Diwali 2021 wish look distinctive.

  1. Try using Indian font styles: Diwali festival is an Indian festival, so to give your happy Diwali wishes card a special look one can try using Indian font styles for the texts like ‘Happy Diwali 2021’ or ‘Wish you a happy Diwali, etc. Using Indian fonts can make the template stand out from others and help get an Indian vide.
  2. Use Diwali images: Yes, images speak louder than words. This is why using images from your own feed and using them in your happy Diwali quotes templates can make the happy Diwali 2021 design of yours different. Using images with your family members and adding them to the Diwali poster templates can be the best Diwali wish one can do. To use an image from your feed don’t forget to read the 3rd step from the designing steps for creating happy Diwali 2021 templates on DooGraphics.
  3. Use simple colours: Colours can completely change the way happy Diwali templates look, which is why choosing colours wisely is important. Using bright colours like red, blue, yellow will make the happy Diwali 2021 templates look very bright and hence won't look attractive. This is why using simple colours like white, black, cream colour can help your happy Diwali 2021 post look impressive.
  4. Diwali elements: Elements or GIFs can change the look of your happy Diwali 2021 cards. In this digital world full of animation, using elements in your Diwali greeting cards online is a perfect choice. DooGraphics has a beautiful collection of elements that can be used in your happy Diwali wishes designs. These elements include crackers, diyas, family stickers, sweets and much more.
  5. Use graphics illustrations: Diwali festival is all about eating sweets, which is why you should use illusions of Indian sweets and make you Happy Diwali 2021 wish the ideal and most unique one. One can find these illusions online or in the elements section of DooGraphics and use these to make the template look attractive.

These 5 designing tips can definitely help you create the best happy Diwali 2021 wishs card. All these tips are sure to make your design stand out from others, which is why this Diwali blog can help you create the perfect wish card for your loved ones.

As now you know what can make a Diwali card template unique, it's time you understand how to create a happy Diwali 2021 wishes design on DooGraphics.  


But this blog is not only about our happy Diwali templates but about how you can smartly customize our happy Diwali 2021 designs to make them unique and the best. So here we go, first, let's know how one can create/ customize Diwali poster templates DooGraphics.

It’s a 3 step process as follows:

Step 1: If you don’t have an account on DooGraphics, first create an account by clicking on the ‘Sign in/ up’ option from the top right corner. Once you create an account it's time you open the ‘Products’ option to view all the template options. Here choose the ‘Happy Diwali 2021’ option.

Step 2: Here, you can view a number of amazing happy Diwali templates. Choose the template design from these Diwali poster templates which you find perfect and start customizing.

Step 3: For adding new images, colours, elements, text, etc a simple method of drag and drop is used. You can also add happy Diwali 2021 images of your choice to the happy Diwali quotes templates and make the design look impressive. Here you can also add images from your feed, but first upload the image in the ‘Photo’ section and then drag it to the template, this will make your happy Diwali 2021 design look special.

Using these 3 steps you can create the best Diwali festival design created by yourself for your loved ones.

So what's holding you back, you have an amazing platform like DooGraphics which provides impressive design templates, that can not only be customized but even downloaded for free. You can also find amazing design tips which can make your Diwali poster design free become one of the most unique designs. So go try out using the most used designing platform and design the perfect happy Diwali 2021 template using the tips mentioned here.