Nothing Can Stop You I Software Company in Animal Shed I Lockdown Inspiration by Ganesh Gadakh

This example of Dadasaheb Bhagat and his ambitious yet successful software development is rare in our society.

Creativity Bioscope by Ganesh Gadakh

Credit By Ganesh Gadakh

We often complain about the difficulties that are dragging us down from reaching our true potential or stopping us from achieving something big. But there are a few who find their way around these difficulties. The inspiring story of the young man Dadasaheb Bhagat (age 28), a native of Sangvi -Patan conveys to us that “Nothing is impossible if you put your mind to it”. This August 15 amidst the lockdown, he launched his software ‘Doo Graphics’ but the notable thing about this is he did all of these at a small shed he built in a village.

After completing his 10th from Sudarshan Vidyalaya in Sangvi, he learned ITI and decided to work in Pune. As an office boy in Infosys in Pune, he came to understand what exactly ‘software’ is. As his curiosity grew, he started learning animation while working. He also got a basic idea of how different software is made. He knew what he wanted to do and chose to pursue a career in software development and for three years straight he worked on it. As the pandemic crisis affected the whole world, he returned to his native village.

He was not the type of person who would get affected by this situation. Hence, considering all the factors he decided to start developing software from his village. The first task was to develop a viable workplace that has good connectivity to both electricity and the internet. He set up a shed in an open field that had the possibility of both the service. Next task was to assemble a team, he gathered some friends and some young villagers who were interested and trained them for a few months, and took help from freelancers too. The four months of the lockdown were crucial; he worked day and night to develop the software. Many people know about graphic designing software Photoshop. Similarly, Dadasaheb Bhagat developed the software Doo Graphics which is easy to use and comes with readymade graphic options. This software is completely online with no hassles like downloading or installing anything on your system. With the help of this software, one can create templates, report cards, wedding, birthday cards, digital posts, etc. This software will also provide the option of video editing. You can assess the same on He believes that this software will help a variety of companies and industries for their own marketing.

This example of Dadasaheb Bhagat and his ambitious yet successful software development is rare in our society. We often get lost in the maze when a major hurdle arises but Dadasaheb Bhagat and his way of tackling the problems at hand is the eye-opener for everyone. If you honestly set your vision on something, and work towards it, then no one can stop you from becoming successful.