How to make biodata for marriage

Biodata describes one’s personality and character on paper, so it must be short and crisp especially when presenting it for marriage.

 How to make biodata for marriage

Talking about biodata specifically for Biodata for Marriage, it is a piece of document that covers major aspects of your life, prominently, your education, family, occupation, personal interest, and biological details. Well, there is no doubt about the fact that matrimonial sites in India are mushrooming at a rapid rate. The popularity of these best matrimonial sites in India is increasing, and the growing user base is offering enough evidence to support it. Now, whenever you would try making a profile on one of these popular matrimonial sites you would have noticed that the file section emerges where you would be required to upload a biodata for marriage

A marriage biodata creates the first impression about the kind of person you are; so while creating a biodata, you need to be careful. Here we have created a list of items that should be included in a professional biodata which may be a help for you.

1. Use a template or be creative to make your own biodata format

There are a number of templates for creating marriage biodata. You should choose the one that best presents you. At first, you need to decide which and how much information you want to provide and then choose the appropriate one. The biodata for marriage template should be best suited to your personality. 

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2. Don’t forget the essentials: name and contact detail

At the very beginning of your marriage biodata, you must include your full name. Then you will include your contact details including your complete address, phone number, email id, and social networking ids.

3. Get a nice shot: photograph in a marriage biodata

A picture is worth a thousand words. Put a recent, full-length photo of yours which best describes not only your face but also your personality. Always take suggestions from your family and friends. Make sure that you are smiling and wearing formal clothes and accessories. But never go for extreme photo editing options. It will add a star to your biodata for marriage.

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4. Go in detail to describe you and your family

In this section, you will include your details in your marriage biodata. You can include this information under the following headings:


  • Age and/or Date of Birth
  • Place of birth
  • Height
  • Weight
  • Complexion
  • Religion
  • Nationality
  • Blood Group
  • Physical Disability ( only if applicable)
  • Status (only if Divorcee or Widow / Widower)

Professional Status

In this section, you are going to describe a brief of your profession:

  • Job title
  • Name of employer
  • Job location
  • Tenure
  • Educational Qualifications

In this section, you need to include complete educational backgrounds. It should include the name of your school, college, and university along with major and results.

Family Details

In this section, you must include detailed information about your family. The information about the family will look something like this:

  • Name of Father, his qualifications and occupation
  • Name of Mother, her qualifications and occupation (if working)
  • Name of Grandfathers, their qualifications and occupation
  • A number of siblings, their qualifications and occupations, mentioning the eldest / youngest, etc.
  • Family Structure: Nuclear or Joint

You are supposed to add the details of your uncles and aunties both from paternal and maternal sides as some people do like to know about them if they are holding high positions in society or have a great career.


This section should describe you as a person including your –

  • Interests
  • Hobbies
  • Likes and dislikes
  • Beliefs and opinions
  • Eating and drinking preferences

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5. Mention your expectation from your partner in Marriage Biodata

In this section, you are supposed to describe your life partner. Be open and honest; talk about his/her age, looks, profession, educational background, family-type, etc.


While creating your marriage biodata, you should remember the following tips –

  • Make your marriage biodata a clear, simple, and innovative one.
  • Must add at least one recent, full-length photograph.
  • Check for grammatical mistakes and spelling errors.
  • Make sure that all information is accurate.
  • Do not be secretive or negative.
  • Do not mention too many expectations.