How to make product photo collage to boost your sale

Quickly create a detailed visual appeal of your products with the doographics Collage feature. Choose your product images and follow the numbered steps below to combine them into a single, attractive photo.

How to make product photo collage to boost your sale

One of the hottest marketing trends for social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest, is creating photo collages. Beautifully designed collages are taking over users’ feed and stories, and the design of these collages have experienced significant development over the years.

Are you a brand influencer or a marketer for your brand? If yes, then drawing users’ attention to your products is of utmost importance. Creating product image collages can help you in grabbing your audience’s attention, adding a unique style to your image content and showing off more product images in less space on social media. Read on to learn more about making outstanding product collage images.


What you should know about Product Collage

To start with, you should realize that visual content is of extreme importance for your brand, and it is changing the manner in which we all approach marketing.

Images make up sixty-three percent of the content on social media platforms. This means that two-thirds of the updates you view on these platforms are visual content. Even more, users are more likely to report a product image that they see online as marketing content with relevant images receive 94% more views than those content without.

So now, you can begin to guess why product collages are trending so much. Here are some of these reasons:

  1. Product collages feed users need for visual content by consolidating a collection of product images into a single image.
  2. Another incredible fact about product collages is that you can use them to show off your products from several angles in just a single image. It allows you to combine your images in a way that best showcases your product, offering limitless outlets to display your product in a way that can boost your traffic and attract more sales.
  3. With a collage, you can present your products in a particular context, capturing the concept of your products in a way that can appeal to consumers

You should also know that the trending product image collages are not the regular cut and paste collages, they are created with topnotch apps such as Doographics. In the past, collages were created by cutting the pictures into shapes and then gluing them in place, but with the emergence of digital image software such as doographics, creating product collages is easy and quick.


If you’re looking for ways to boost the engagement on your product images and make more sales, then product image collage is a trend you definitely want to jump on. Continue reading this guide to learn more about creating your product image collage.

Design Tips for Creating Product Collages that Stand Out

Now that you know the visual appeal of product collages, the big question lies in how to put the product images together to enhance their visual appeal. Consider these design tips while creating your collage:

  1. Choose images with complementary colors or tones that work together. If you are trying to sell a set of business outfits for women, use tones that keep the collages from appearing too busy – the tones should highlight the outfits.
  2. Choose the right collage template for the image. From your orientation of your product images, you should know the template that’ll work best. Generally, vertical layouts work better in displaying the image.
  3. Know how and when to include text in the image. Remember that a collage has so much going on, adding text to the mix of images might overwhelm your target audience.
  4. Mix up your product images: Choose different backgrounds, products or camera angles to keep your collage interesting. So, if you want to display a specific briefcase in the collage, you can mix images of the briefcase taken from different camera angles or in different backgrounds.


So, what’s the delay for? Now, you should be aware of the importance of visual content for content marketing. You should also know that product collages are highly effective at showcasing the best of your products, feeding the audience’s eyes and driving more sales.

This guide has provided detailed guidelines for creating the best product collages on doographics as well as getting views on Pinterest. Hence, get on doographics, create the best product image collages. Start applying each of the tactic discussed above to getting more viewing on your product collages on Pinterest.