Gudipadva 2021: Celebrate with more creative ideas.

gudipadva is traditional new years start for Marathi and Konkani Hindus. Wish your loved one’s with amazing templates.

Gudipadva 2021: Celebrate with more creative ideas.

Celebrate this year’s gudipadva with Doographics!

India is a culture full of festivals. Every month every year, we celebrate different types of festivals. Indians celebrate the festival of Gudi Padwa marking the arrival of spring and which coincides with the start of the New Year for Marathi and Konkani Hindus in the subcontinent. It is celebrated in and around Maharashtra and Goa on the first day of the month of Chaitra, according to the Hindu calendar. On the occasion of gudipadva we share greetings cards, messages through the social media platform to wish our loved ones. Now, it’s easy to make your own gudipadva wish cards with Doographics.


How to make gudipadva wishes cards?

It is easy to make greeting cards using gudipadva wishes quotes, gudipava images online. You can easily create and send your own card. Doographics is an online graphic designing platform where you just need to drag and drop your content and you are ready to download!

Step by step guide to making gudipadva wishes cards!

Step 1:

Select the perfect matching template:

You can select the template from our customized template library. The template should be matching with your gudipadva quote, gudipadva images. You can also add whatever you want to add to that template. Doographics gives you the best design experience of customizing your template library which is the best part.


Step 2:

Insert image and fonts:

After selecting the template add images of gudipadva, add messages with different fonts, and design your wishing card or gudipadva post with Doographics. Stylish fonts give wonderful effects to your design. If you are a non-designer still you can design your card easily.

Step 3:

Select size:

You can choose any size or you can make it in whichever size you want to do. 


Step 4:

Add effects & styles:

You can add backgrounds, different effects, as well as styles to your gudipadva, wishes greeting cards. These special effects make your card more beautiful and attractive.

Step 5:

Download it for free!

Yes! You can download your design just in a minute for free. You can make unlimited designs and download them for free. Doographics is the best platform for designers and non-designers as well.


How to make your ugadi more special?

Plan something great on this year’s gudipadva. You can send wishes to your family, friends as well as employees of your company in a different way. Sending downloaded wishes is a common thing. But what will be more special? Your own customized cards or messages with a personal touch can give someone happiness. Start thinking out of the box. You can also design posts for social media platforms. You can also make posters, banners, ads on the special occasion of gudipadva/ugadi to mention your offers, special products, services to make your customers happier.

You can design gudipadva card in Marathi, English as well as in Hindi. You can give a personal touch to your card.

gudipadva card

What can be added to gudipadva card?

You can add different images, your name, company name, logo, special message of ugadi or gudipadva in any language. You can also add special effects, wonderful backgrounds, and text effects to make it more attractive.

Start designing your gudipadva cards with Doographics! Download it and send it within a minute! Have a great padva!