How to Use Instagram Story Highlights for Business

Instagram Story Highlights for Busines less than a year old, but they've already made a huge impact for businesses

How to Use Instagram Story Highlights for Business

Use Instagram Story Highlights for Business

Instagram features included highlights of the Instagram Story Highlights for Business in 2017. Since the regular Instagram stories vanish after 24 hours, the Instagram highlights feature allows users to pick their favorite stories and save them, so that they can appear on their profiles for anyone to see at any time.
Instagram stories highlights appear right below your bio and above your posts, which are prime assets for visibility.
To create the highlights of Instagram stories, tap the story you want to highlight, and when you do, you'll ask to give your Instagram highlight a title and choose a thumbnail for it. You can also apply emojis to your titles to make them stand out.

A highlight of the Article

Then the story will appear as a highlight of the article below your name. When you change your mind, you can always delete or edit your highlight by tapping and keeping the highlight of your post. There will be two choices when you do this: either to delete your story or to edit your story.

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Instagram story to help you attract traffic

Remember that there is no limit on how many Instagram stories you can make, and remember that any time you transform the story to a highlight, the story will shift to the first place. After more than five highlights, the audience will have to click to see the others. There are several advantages of using the highlights of Instagram posts. The first advantage is the opportunity to highlight the Instagram story to help you attract traffic.
Since Instagram stories allow you to have a clickable link if you have at least 10,000 followers, getting Instagram story highlights on your profile allows you to promote a variety of links and not a link in your bio.
The second advantage of Instagram's story highlights is that they appear in a prime position on your profile, so users don't have to browse through your profile to find them, they're pretty much the first thing your audience can see, so click.
The third advantage of Instagram's story highlights is the opportunity to draw attention to what is most important to your business, such as your products or services. For example, if you're in the fashion industry, you might use Instagram highlights to promote a new season.
And, if you are running exclusive sales and exclusive products, you might also use Instagram highlights to further advertise them and attract more customers.
Finally, the Instagram story highlights are a perfect way to showcase material that is evergreen, such as customer feedback, consumer testimonials, instructional material on how-to videos, tutorials, and product displays. There are many elements of your business that you need to turn into an Instagram story highlight.

Highlight in a Story

The first element that you should highlight in a story is an explanation video. An explanation video is a short video that describes what a company does, who helps, and how it helps a specific group of people. It generally describes the products or services of a company, their worth, their advantages, what other people say about your business and products, and how to buy them.

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The second element of your company that you should show using Instagram highlights is feedback or testimonials. Social proof is much more powerful than any other type of advertising, so make sure you show what other people are saying about your company. For example, create a story that includes various back-to-back clips of what people say about your company or product.
The third element of your company that you should highlight is educational content that would cater to your target audience and that would you consider useful and helpful to them. For example, if you're a tennis coach, you could build an Instagram highlight of about 5 exercises to improve your tennis service. By creating these contents, you will be able to become a go-to individual in your industry and stand out from other people.

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Marketing Campaigns

The fourth element of your company that you might highlight is the embedding of your lead generation. To capture leads, most businesses set up lead capture forms and give away free goods, free services, or free information in return for people's contact details and then run email marketing campaigns. So, Instagram highlights can be very effective to draw attention to your lead generation funnel. For example, if you're in the food supplement industry, you might build a free report titled "How to find the right food supplements for you and cut through all the noise."

Social Networks

The fifth Instagram highlight that you can make is about your other social networks. If you have an Instagram account, you are very likely to have other social networks, such as YouTube, to market your business. If you do, create an Instagram highlight that invites your Instagram audience to follow you on other social networks as well. When you do, make sure you inspire people to do so, because most of them won't do it. For example, you might let them know that you're running gifts on YouTube, and if they don't subscribe to your YouTube channel, they could miss it.
Finally, you might build a highlight Instagram story dedicated to news and updates. This Instagram story could be about upcoming activities, new product releases, or industry-related news.