Grow your business by designing special summer sale offer

The summer months are actually a great opportunity to increase the time you invest in working towards your business goals.

Grow your business by designing special summer sale offer

With every burgeoning year, the Indian e-commerce Industry gets better and better. At the forefront of this phenomenon, is the spike in sales during the summer sale period which coincides with many traditional holidays and events. While change in seasons take place throughout the year in India, the March to June period is widely considered the summer sales period, as it fits in nicely with a lot of celebrated holidays, especially to the children, i.e. summer vacations. As online sellers it is very important to forecast for busy summer sale periods and plan accordingly to ensure enough inventory is available to meet demand. It is also essential to execute effective promotional campaigns to make sure you get your message across in time, as there is a lot of cash up for grabs.


1. Dedicated Landing Page

The first thing is to embellish your website/store to highlight the summer mood. This can definitely establish a good connect between your online store and your customers. Create a dedicated banner for your website’s home page, which communicates the best site-wide offers. 

2. Create Co-Branding Networks 

When using affiliate marketing for your online business, the risks are very low while the conversion is high. The best payment gateway solutions should be adopted only when a customer converts, meaning when a sale occurs. So it's a clever idea to team up with various Coupon sites and start co-branding initiatives. These websites can effect more conversions by channeling traffic to your website.

3. Email Marketing 

The best way to connect with customers is email marketing. It can also help to increase reach and boost sales. When the email marketing is effective, it can mean more qualified lead for the online business. Make sure that the best summer sales and deals are being communicated to your customers in all your mailers. By incorporating value proposition into your customers’ minds, you can create interest and generate more traffic to your site.  

4. Social Media Push

The target audience should know about the offers and exclusive deals that you are planning for the summer season. As Social Media comes with a huge customer base and easy-to-navigate interface plus reasonable cost, Social Media Marketing is an excellent tool to boost customer engagement directly.

5. Content Marketing 

Content marketing is very important during the summer season. Content should be delivered in the best possible way so that your brand will connect with your audience. Optimize your website content so that it highlights the deals you are offering. Increase engagement by having a dedicated Blog on summer cuisines and many more. This will help connect your online business with your customers.


6. Re-target Customers 

The most crucial step to boost summer sales is to re-target the customers who have expressed interest in your product/service, on earlier occasions. Identify the customers who abandoned your shopping cart and offer them value preposition in terms of exclusive deals and offers through Search and Display ads.

7.Surprise gifts with purchases 

Include a special surprise with each delivery this summer season. It may be in the form of an exclusive/additional discount voucher for the next purchase. .Or it could be a small ‘Thank You’ gift. What is important is to use the gift (however small) to create a memory for the customer. Whether it’s a special voucher or a gift, make sure it is creatively designed. 

As the summer season rolls in, use these strategies, and you will be pleasantly surprised to find the summer sales for your online business booming!.

8. Review your business.

As a small business owner, there are areas of your business that you can likely reflect on and know need some changes for the better. Use this time to revamp or kick start your marketing and business growth strategy. Professional business services are helpful if you need some guidance on how to find long-term success.

9. Expand your network.

This seasonal slow time is the prime time to deepen relationships with the individuals in your network and even add new contacts. Remind potential customers who you are, learn about what’s important to your prospects and share your ideas with other professionals in the industry.

10. Evaluate your website.

You might need a total overhaul of your site or just want to improve your traffic and conversion rates. Either way, now is a great time to get started so you’re prepared for the busier months.

There are many ways to build an effective online presence. One way is to be sure to have a mobile responsive website. While people do still use laptops and desktop computers, there has been a large shift in mobile searches. Ensure your platform is mobile responsive so if people search for your website on their mobile this summer while at the beach, they can easily access your site and its offerings and maybe even make a purchase.