How to redesign the website for better SEO

Use good SEO and content strategy to redesign the website for better SEO. Use tools and content calendar for effective results.

How to redesign the website for better SEO

Website redesign for better SEO: Strategies for the good website performance

It is really important to keep your website with good SEO for a better conversion rate and attract more traffic from the good keywords ideas. You can build your website in such a way that it will boost your digital marketing campaign and sales. if the right steps aren’t taken to ensure a smooth transition from the old website to a new one, you can damage the SEO equity your site has worked hard to build over the years. So, when you are planning to do a redesign of your website make it smooth. Always make sure that you are not affecting your old SEO and ranking strategies. For many businesses, SEO helps to drive more organic traffic.

You have to consider some points before you start redesigning,

  • What is your current SEO and what difficulties you are facing?
  • Knowledge of common issues that crop up with a website redesign.
  • Detailed plan about what changes are needed on the new website.

Here are some ways you need to consider while website redesign for better SEO:

1. Understand what works correctly on your website website design with SEO

If you have a website and you are posting blogs as well as running SEO campaigns then you should have a clear idea of what is working currently on your website like keywords and topics that rank, pages that bring in organic traffic, and so on. Doing this analysis you will understand which type of keywords has to be used or which things people are searching for and liking the most. When you start redesigning you can build different SEO strategies for your website to get better results and higher traffic.

2. Things to be changed while website redesign

  • You can change the content as the previous content is not bringing the expected changes to your website. Make a content calendar and plan content according to it.
  • You can also make content moving within the site’s hierarchy.
  • URLs may change.
  • Page-level optimization may change.
  • You can also add new content and update it from time to time.
  • If required add new sections to the website.
  • Do new keyword research and make a new content strategy.

Also during the building of the new website,

The internal link structure of the website, Domain name, subdomain name, the protocol can be change. Any of the above can cause issues with your rankings and organic traffic. And if there are multiple issues, such as content changing and being moved to a new URL, then it gets harder to diagnose the root cause of issues. A redesign should be an opportunity to improve your SEO and conversion rates. However, for sites with strong organic search traffic, this should be undertaken with care to preserve your SEO. 

How to redesign the website?

  • Always keep your previous website open while designing others. So, you can better understand the page linking, URL building as well as which content should get add to it. 
  • Save a crawl of the old site, even if you have the site on a temp URL. Screaming Frog is great for this, and again, you can load up the old site crawl if you need to do any analysis.
  •  Content strategy as your previous content is working well still you need to fix it with better SEO. 
  • On-page optimization like you can easily export all the key on-page elements like page titles, meta descriptions, headers. After that, you can build your website with new content.
  •  Update your backlinks. Review sites that send traffic in analytics along with your best backlinks in the typical link index tools. 
  •  Internal link structure should be considered while doing a website redesign. If you have pages that had thousands of internal links previously but are now barely linked, then this can have an impact on the rankings for that page.
  • Monitor page ranking as well as a backlink. Use all the previous content which are good backlinks and SEO.
  •  Use Google Search Console. Google Search Console keeps getting better and will give you diagnostic information directly from Google.

How to make an SEO strategy while redesigning your website?

  • Search keywords from different websites and make a list of keywords for website design with SEO. Prefer to use main, primary and secondary keywords.
  •  Analyze Google's first page to make your content strategy.
  • Create content different than previous one.
  •  Add a hook.
  • Start optimizing your on page SEO while website redesign.
  • Optimize search intent and content analysis.
  • Try to make your content attractive and innovative.
  • Build as many as links to your website.

These all are things you need to consider while redesigning your website. Make sure that you are not losing any data from the previous one.