tips to optimize your twitter profile

There are ways to enhance your twitter profile for your business enhancement, here are some quick and easy ways to level up your game.

tips to optimize your twitter profile

Its 2020, a new year and a new decade, well there is a lot of stuff happening but admist the coronavirus, we should not forget our coping mechanism, social media! The most popular and happening social media application is twitter. If you are looking for ways to increase your twitter post audience, this is the blog for you. 

Twitter tools are social media marketing tools that help you create a social media strategy to help you increase your twitter post audience. People always are finding ways how to engage more people. For social media markets, the question is how to get on the action. This is where social media marketing tools are designed to help you step in. Some of the best twitter tools are:

1. Crowdfire

Having an user-friendly interfrace and application makes it a popular a very popular social media marketing tool.

This twitter tool’s plus plan, the most affordable plan, allows the user to add upto 10 social media accounts at once.

The twitter tool includes a feature called ‘mentions’. The tool lets you track mention,comments and replies to your twitter post.

Other features of the tool includes:

  • Scheduling tweets on twitter in bulk
  • Adding and managing social media strategies and team members
  • Reply to social media mentions with the twitter tool.

The Twitter tool also helps you spend less time digging through your data, providing all your analytics insights 

It is free for one account.

2. Tweepi 

This twitter tool is a twitter specific platform that uses artificial intelligence to grow your audience on twitter.

The twitter tool works in the following steps:

  1. Set up your account: add your target hashtags and uses relevant to your topics of interests
  2. Letting artificial intelligence do the work: Tweepi scours twitter to search for the best twitter post and users to engage.
  3. Grow your account: tweepi makes sure to engage relevant users only.

3. Buffer

In order to increase an audience on twitter, it is better to make the audience    engage them with your twitter post rather than reaching out to them.

In such situations, content is the only way out, and twitter tools like buffer, with its feature to schedule tweets, can not only save time but still gets results.

The twitter tool does this by allowing users to automatically post tweets based on your existing twitter posts.

  • For ex: take five blog posts on your site 
  • For each blog post, write three unique tweets, which will give you 15 posts 
  • Add these tweets to buffer and schedule your tweets to go live twice a day for                      

            Seven days   

One can also increase the frequency of their tweets to maximise your content’s exposure on twitter and increase the liklihood of getting new valid followers 


 Hootsuite is a twitter tool loved by social media marketers the worlds over.

 The twitter tool allows you to manage multiple profiles across a wide variety of social               media platforms at the same time. Unlike other tools: this twitter tools lets you multiple profiles- great for a lot of social media marketing agencies or enterprise with sub-brands 

From a single dashboard, the twitter tool lets you manage your twitter presence , monitor conversations and grow your audience by

  • Scheduling Tweets
  • Monitoring twitter posts with mentions

The twitter tool also has several helpful guides on different topics, including how to increase your twitter audience and get you in touch with social media marketing agencies.


   This Twitter Tool works by categorizing, filtering and finding the most valuable accounts that match your target audience. They also make sure that you get valid real twitter users. The twitter tool lets you track your daily audience growth and provides the analytic insights to understand your audience better, including their demographics and interests.

The platform is available on a 10 day trial.